Facebook Meme

It is quiet pathetic to understand anyone’s emotions over internet. Over facebook every person does not want to show their identity when they want to send a wrong message to the group. Instead to show their emotions they are placing the facebook memes. Ya, this might be a good idea to send the emotions against an issue, but it is also true that when their face is not there, how the other person can understand the emotion. One way it is good that we are entertaining the other person by sending a facebook meme as a reply thus the person will understand the emotion with the action in the meme.  But it also shows that you do not want to disclose your emotion directly and making a sarcastic remark for the other person’s posting.

Certainly these facebook memes help in time management as a reply for a joke you can send an icon of a smily. These acts of sending replies will save time and sometimes will give crisp results like kisses and hugs too. This revolutionary answering shows another face of our psychology that we do not want to disclose our identity and do the comment. Sometimes, the subordinates can comment on their bosses using another email id and by using a facebook meme, vis a vis a student who got punished by the Principal will give his answer through the same mechanism.

The lazy, silly, non-sensible and sometimes comic and non-sensual comments can be replaced with the facebook memes simply. The innovations are also can be seen through these memes.  Playing with emotions is not advisable over facebook and every one can convert the atmosphere into comic one using these facebook memes.

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