The Art of Comedy

Comedy refers to any kind of work that is humorous or what that is meant to evoke humor and laughter. While there are individuals with a sense of humor, making people laugh is another thing. There are many media for comedy and these include film, television, stand-up comedy, and even theatre.

Comedy has been part of human civilization since Ancient Greece. From the time it was first recorded, comedy in various forms has flourished, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that comedy broadened. With the arrival of the radio and television set, comedians had a far more reach than before. One such notable icon in comedy is Charlie Chaplin. His career as a comedian was meteoric especially during the silent era.

For the reason that comedy is a very broad work of art, it is also classified into numerous categories. These categories came about through classifications on the basis of the humor and how it is delivered. Although this is the case, a comedian’s style can be classified into several categories. Here are some of the most common comedy categories:

  • Situation comedy – more popularly known as sitcom, a situation comedy includes actors that are in a comedic situation for a prolong period of time. Although this type of comedy originated in radio broadcast, it is now more popularly found in television. A shorter version of a sitcom is called sketch.
  • Spoof – also known as parody, this type of comedy is a work of imitation usually to poke fun at a book, a movie, or a play.
  • Character comedy – this type of comedy derives from the fact that the comedian takes on a persona, usually a persona he creates like a stereotype
  • Physical comedy – this comedy is usually synonymous to slapstick in that it uses physical movements to be able to make people laugh. For example, coming up with silly faces, stumbling accidentally, or walking on walls are some physical actions that are done.
  • Improvisational comedy – probably one of the most creative yet difficult types of comedy, improv as it is usually called requires very little or no planning at all when executed. The comedy usually evolves as the improvisation is slowly unfolded.
  • Black comedy – in this type of comedy, black humor is employed and oftentimes tackles issues like rape, terrorism, drugs, addiction, and death. This comedy category tries to make light on some sensitive issues like the ones mentioned above.

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