Celebrating Comedy

Bored of watching your favorite sit-coms over and over? Then it’s time to jump right into the action! In the upcoming year, mark your calendar for some of the best comedy festivals around the globe that will keep you rolling on the floor with laughter. Take your pick from the top three:

 1. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Laugh Out Loud from August 5 – 27

What happens when eight companies barge in to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival, uninvited? It gives birth to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest platform to discover upcoming talent in comedy and drama. Reportedly, the Fringe has overtaken the popularity of the original festival. The venues of this festival are as fascinating as its history; from theatres like the Traverse to university rooms, public toilets and flats, any usable space goes! Apart from comedy, you can even treat yourself to riveting plays and splendid dance performances at the Fringe. Still not excited enough? A mention of past performers, Rowan Atkinson, Richard Hall and Al Murray might do the trick!

 2. Just for Laughs

Laugh Out Loud from July 12 – 22

Touted as the hub of comedy, Just for Laughs brings together some of the best comic talent in the world. Jim Caarrey, Rowan Atkinson and Dane Cook have all regaled audiences in the past. This festival doesn’t restrict itself to stand- up comedy either.  Whet your appetite for comedy with films, pantomimes and acrobats. The street shows on Quartier Latin in Montreal are a highlight of the festival. And if you’re not content with laughing through the day, you can head to the nightclubs and live venue theatres offering special programs.

 3. Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Laugh Out Loud from April 4 – 29

In 2013, over 480 shows were held during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Apart from the shows played each day, the festival also has an interesting line up of special events such as The Great Debate with topics like “Coming first is all that matters” and “Food is better than sex”, Upfront, a night featuring only female comedians and the Opening Night Super Show. Performances are held at various venues in the city of Melbourne. Other offerings of the festival include sketch shows, debates, improvisational plays, art exhibitions and musical shows.

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