For those who Love to Laugh

Movies can be considered as the most modern form of art. And in the modern age of science it is quite very natural that we shall use the modern form of technology. It seems to be the very nature of science to surprise us with its massive inventions every now and then. It took a lot of years and struggle of many determined scientist to reach the success that crowns them today. From the beginning of science that is the day man learned to light fire till today we just walked forward to the path of better and better condition of life. And this development and progress was not just seen in the field of technology which deals with mainly science, science has selflessly contributed to the other sectors of attention and knowledge as well. Art is the sector which was really benefitted by the glorious inventions of science. Art is something that people endure to take the taste of it and it is really an awesome medicine to chill out our mind as well. Apart from painting, singing, dancing and other sectors of art, we have come to see that movies are really accepted and appreciated by the people in a large scale. And when the point is about getting entertained what can be better than watching a comedy film and passing some quality times?
Talking about some comedy movies we cannot but mention the name of the film- “the hangover”. It has been positioned as one of the most hilarious films in the IMDB rating. This film has got some sequels but still people find the first one as one of the most unique films ever made. The film starts with the bachelor party of on the friends of the circle we see in this particular movie. And then we find that the groom was somehow lost. And then the situation turns various ups and downs and the movie provides through and through entertainment for the audience. The heroes we see in this film just get drunk and lose their memory of the previous night and come to find all the crazy deeds they did in the last night. They find that one of them named stu had got married with a prostitute in the previous night. And they encounter a mafia and escapes with life. Finally after all the thrills they go through the whole day they finally get to find their friend which is quite interesting and the film doesn’t give any opportunity to make the viewers get bored. If you have not watched it yet, you know what I’m going to suggest!

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