Comedian Etiquette: How to Observe Good Manners during a Comedy Act

There are different kinds of comedians and they employ different styles when making people laugh. That is a given fact, but being a comedian doesn’t mean that you can cross the boundaries of good manners. If you don’t want to be banned for your bad manners, nasty jokes, or even senseless humors, it’s important that you learn the etiquettes of being a good comedian.

But, with so many things going on in a comedy act, how can you prevent such untoward jokes from happening? To avoid offending your audience, take note of the few things below:

  • You can do all kinds of jokes, but never make discriminating jokes or even offensive ones. You never know what somebody might be feeling about sensitive situations, and if you tread that path, you’ll end up irritating your audience.
  • Don’t single out a person to make jokes with or make him a basis for the jokes you’re making. More importantly, never, never target a joke on a single person, because this isn’t only offensive, but it won’t prove anything to your career as a comedian.
  • Do not make vulgar jokes especially if there are children who are present in the audience. Although vulgar jokes may sometimes be funny, it’s not worth it to offend parents and children who are watching your show.
  • Refrain from including sensitive issues like drugs, rape, and even religion in your comedy materials.
  • Do not ask the audience to clap for your performance. It’s like asking them to laugh at your jokes even if they’re not enjoying it. A good comedian can make his audience laugh by delivering punch line after punch line. If you’re really good at what you do, the audience’s response will speak for itself.

There are many ways to make people laugh. As a comedian, you should be familiar with one-liners, story jokes, and self-humor. Personal experiences you have encountered can also be a good material for a joke. Even day-to-day situations are a good material. You can do all these things to make your audience laugh. Be a smart comedian by coming up with good and clean jokes that will really tickle your audience’s funny bones.

The key to a good comedy act is to know what tickles your audience. Talk to fellow comedians, observe other comedy acts, study different comedy materials, and practice, practice, practice like there’s no tomorrow. Never ever stoop to a level where you have to hurt other people’s feelings just to make other people laugh.

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