Commonly used comedies

It’s nice to hang around people, talk and have fun. The best way to do this is to mix up a little bit of comedy in the conversation to lighten up the mood. If you’re discussing things with your college buddies why not recall your experiences and make fun of each other, kid around and giggle. Without even noticing you are doing comedy yourselves. This type that you are using is the banter. This is a very common type of comedy that usually occurs in social functions and events, although you do not intentionally do this to create comedy it is actually one. Reunions, family gatherings, parties and social events are just a few examples of functions where banter is commonly used.

Travesty is a common comedy that is mostly shown in movies. An example of this is the comedy movie shown in 2004 called white chicks where two NBI agents assume the role of the Wilson twins to discover a pending crime. Travesty happens when a comedian assumes the identity of another,dresses and behaves like them. Mistaken identities are also an example of this. Portraying a character that you are not is quite funny most especially if a man plays the role of a woman or vice versa.

Recovery is also another form of a commonly used comedy. In a certain scenario the comedian commits a mistake and tries to correct and redeem himself, however, it leads to a series of unfortunate events where the character is usually compromised. Recovery may also mean that the main lead does damage control quickly through excuses which are full of humor.

Roasting is a comedy type used by most shows on television. Talk and entertainment shows use them usually. It somehow puts a person in the limelight criticizes them in such away where humor is degenerated. A show called fashion police is a concrete example. There are four main hosts of the show; they give comments which are intended to improve the fashion taste of famous people or celebrities but in a way that it sounds nasty but still funny. However, not all listeners and the individual being criticized accept this wholeheartedly because there are some who bash out on the supposed to be funny criticisms.

One of the most commonly used type of comedy is the seriocomedy. The seriocomedy is a combination of a serious plot with periods where the mood changes into comedy.

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