The evolution of comedy

The origin of comedy remains something hard to trace as there are very sketchy details about the time and place of its origin. However Aristotle has it that it first made its debut in Megaris and Sicyon. These two places had their inhabitants who were noted for having been very humorous. Susarion who is the earliest comic poet has his roots in Megaris. So one can confidently say that even if comedy has its roots elsewhere, it remains a fact that Greece played a pivotal role in bringing comedy where it is today.

When we make a mention of comedy, very often we forget its history and that is why you find there is very little appreciation on the effort that is being put in place to ensure the continuity of this form of entertainment. From the time the comedy made its debut until now, a lot has taken place. Tracing it is enough to serve one with entertainment in its entirety. Consider that before, there was generallya smaller audience and the stage looked very primitive. With time however things have changed and now you find a whole lot of people from different backgrounds glued either in halls or screens busy being entertained by comedy.

The comedy has come a long way and it still has a long way to go as entertainment trends continue to change every single day. Nowadays you experience a whole budget being dedicated to produce a comedy movie and the story doesn’t end there. There are of course comedies which form a series of entertainment from the screens at home. These are normally the eventualities of major work that is done which brings together different people with different ideas and the culmination of all this is the comedy that people sit to enjoy in form of entertainment.

The comedy has really made a move from its origin. Before it was something that was staged only in theatres and it ended there, but nowadays you find movies which are committed only in comedies and it is a booming business which doesn’t have its rival. Hollywood which is the well renowned place that needs no introduction at all is also home to comedies which are staged there in the form of movies production. There are some actors who have deviated their time from concentrating in other movies to be fully in comedy.

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