The Top Facebook Memes of All Time

In this era of social media, Facebook has emerged as the leading social media site. With over 1 billion users to date, Facebook has managed to create a social community spanning the globe, enabling communication and sharing of information in just click of a button. One such concept that has been born due to this amazing capability to share information is the Facebook meme. Broadly defined as any idea or concept that can be passed from one person to another through Facebook, these memes are spreading like wildfire.

Facebook memes serve to inspire, to make audience’s laugh, and spread information with the use of photos, words, images, and even videos that are specifically created for this purpose. While some memes enjoy widespread popularity and can become viral overnight, some are also mediocre and forgettable enough that they quickly vanish into oblivion.

Of the tons of memes that have been created, liked, and shared, here are the most notable and unforgettable ones:

  1. The “25 things“ or “50 things” – who would forget these memes that went viral overnight because it was fun, interesting, and of course, it had the user’s personal participation? Everybody down to their grandmothers were filling in the “25 things“  meme that ranged from facts like most annoying thing you did, the last song you listened to, to what you think about your neighbor, and other fun stuff that can be thought of.
  2. Caption This – this type of meme achieved notorious popularity, and even talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show post this regularly on their Facebook page and have audiences participate in captioning the picture for the day. The photos range from hilarious wedding snapshots, family vacations, pets on the loose, and anything that sparks interested. Needless to say, these memes not only get a very positive response from their audiences, but it also rakes in thousands of likes and even shares.
  3. I like to do it on the ______ meme – ladies should remember this pretty well because this meme worked liked a chain mail with women all over the world receiving a mail that says you should post this statement on your status, without any prior explanation of what you’d like to do on the particular location you’ve indicated. For those who haven’t received this private mail, they were quite appalled at what they read, but for those who did, they totally knew what the meme was all about.

These are just some of the Facebook memes that made waves at the time they were shared on the social media site. It did become viral because of the fact that it was interesting and it asked for the audience’s participation too.

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