Charlie: A Chap Who Made the World Laugh

Have you ever heard of a man so funny that he did not even needed to utter a single word but created a resounding laughter from the crowd? If you think about it, words may seem to be the quickest way to induce laughter; a person hears the joke, sends a message to his brain, finds it hilarious and break into laughter. How then would comedy in silent films overcome the challenge if no witty remarks or punch lines are even spoken? It is quite tricky how comedians make someone laugh; more so when all that they can do is express humor through actions. What’s amusing is their ability to invoke comedic timing at the perfect moment when everything seemed to be boring and uninteresting.

They say it is easier to make someone cry than make someone laugh. Well it’s true; most people immediately respond to negative things and it is harder to recognize the little things that actually make life more colourful. What’s fascinating is how this man made silent films more popular, and take note, comedy in silent films! Who else can he be? He is no other than Charlie Chaplain. With his versatility to take on a role, it’s not surprising how he was able to captivate the hearts of people who allowed themselves to let loose and let the magic of their sight make them chuckle. His highly descriptive facial expressions what made him distinctive. His films had been remarkable because it reflects liberal beliefs and ironically, with a deep touch of pathos. These mirrored the message that even if life in its true nature may be tragic, dark and full of struggles, laugher can always be a cure for these bitter truths.

Without laughter, life can be too difficult to bear, let alone a film without comedy. Charlie Chaplain is one unforgettable actor; an excellent comic who did not fail to leave a mark in his time and left behind memories that would make people tear up for laughing too much. What he left his people was a good influence in creating a positive perspective and recognition is what he deserves. Our outlook in life will be the leading source of our fate. It may always be tragic because of numerous trials, but it can always be a comedy because we choose to see the positive side of it. As they say, laughter is the best medicine; it is a powerful remedy for negative emotions and nothing works faster to uplift a gloomy heart, a dark mood and a stressed body back into balance than a good laugh.

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