A Look at Hollywood’s Take on Comedy Film History

Hollywood movies had dominantly succeeded the motion picture industry and got the full attention of enthusiasts all around the globe. One of the film genres that brought its popularity since way back then was the variety of comedy movies it had produced.

Looking Back on History


Starting way back in the year 1900, the first comedy movie to hit the screen was the Record of Sneeze. This movie shows the continuously sneezing Fred Ott, the assistant of Thomas Edison and credited to start a trend that has strengthened and rooted to the now familiar comedy film. This was the era of silent movies wherein most of the classic comedy movies were made of.


In 1920s, animated cartoons have launched its way to popularity under the character of Felix the cat, Krazy Kat and Betty Boop. The popularity of these movies triggered the viewers’ anticipation and demand for sound and color. Thus, by the end of 1920s, Hollywood comedy industry came out with the introduction of sound into the movies.

At this time, dramatic new styles in filming and the use of verbal humor had started. Silent movies were soon replaced and the height of popularity for dialogue comedians such as the W.C Fields and the Marx Brothers erupted.


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Though originally starting from the era of silent films, Charlie Chaplin was noted as the last comedian to have acted during 1930s in films based on visual humor and is devoid of dialogue (although they did employ sound effects).

Charlie Chaplin became a prominent figure of a famous clown-style acting of the silent era. From this, Hollywood comedy movies became more famous and soon came popularity of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd.


During World War II, the themes of Hollywood movies have changed to those related to conflicts and military. It was at this war era that restrictions on the traveling made movies experienced a boom. This is because nearly a quarter of the money and time spent by people was on attending movies.


 During this time, the interest of viewers in movies had declined and had shifted to television with shows focusing on adult social situations and family oriented comedies.


The 1960s, an increasing number of broad, star-packed comedies transpired.

The Use of Facebook Memes in Social Media Marketing

It has become a fact of life that social media sites have become a part of daily routine. On average, an individual will open any or all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. at one point in time during the day and participate and interact with other individuals. Another fact that has been gaining popularity is the rise of Facebook memes.

Now, what are these memes? Pronounced as “meems”, this term was created by Richard Dawkins sometime in the late 1970s to mean package of culture. Through time though and with the meteoric fame of Facebook, memes have also evolved. Currently, memes are in the form of videos, photos, images, words, etc. that communicate its message to its viewers. And in a platform such as Facebook, as long as your meme is well crafted, funny, and attractive, then that meme will easily become viral.

While these Facebook memes have been garnering interest, businesses have also turned to finding other ways of social media marketing that will put them ahead of fierce competition. And needless to say, they have surely found a viable option in these memes.

Here are just some of the notable features of memes that businesses have found of importance as part of their social media marketing campaign:

  • Can be easily understood – wherein ordinary articles or advertisements can be quite confusing at times, memes are concise, direct, and can be easily understood even by the younger users of Facebook
  • Easy to share – another thing that makes Facebook memes a good tool in social media marketing is that it is very shareable. With just a click of a button, one meme has the ability to go viral as long as it has all the right elements.
  • Easy to make – although memes pop up almost everywhere especially in different social media sites, it is also relatively easy to make. Think about how you can incorporate the elements of your business and conveying this message through customized memes. It can definitely go a long way of promoting your business or company.

The only thing important that should be kept in mind when using memes to promote your business is to consider your target audience. Since you want a specific demographic of consumers to take notice of your business, you should choose Facebook memes that are significant to your audience.

Definition and Types of Facebook Memes

The word “meme” was coined way back in 1976. At first, its definition referred to any style, behavior, idea, or theory that can be replicated from one culture to another. This term was created by Richard Dawkins. However, as time went by and the era of social media started, the word meme took on a slightly different approach.

With Facebook in the lead as one of the most used social media sites today, Facebook memes have also become a favorite pastime by most users. These memes are similar to the term coined by Richard Dawkins, but now, photos, images, videos, and even quotes shared from one source to another is also considered a meme.

These memes that can be found on Facebook are quite interesting, and when it does pique the interest of Facebook users, it can go on to become viral or a phenomenon on this social media site. Today, memes are classified into many different types. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Photo memes – these types of Facebook memes feature a person or people doing a specific action. Remember those viral photos of individuals who posed in various positions, and called it planking or owling. In planking, the person tries to imitate a slab of wood or a plank, and in owling, the person imitates the gesture of an owl, squatting down and staring into space for long periods of time.
  2. Video memes – these refer to individuals on a video who try to copy a famous actor, singer, or even a politician. A number of impersonations of Nicki Minaj singing Superbass with blown up boobs and her famous behind that went viral for a time is an example of a video meme.
  3. Word memes – often refer to those chain mail-like messages that you receive as a Facebook private message or even posted on your wall. Examples of word memes include the “20 little things about me” or the breast awareness campaign where you post “I am going to ______ for ____ months,” with the first blank indicating a place that corresponds to your date of birth, and the number of months corresponding to the actual day you were born.

Aside from these Facebook memes, there are also other memes that are targeted to attract the audience’s attention. Now, marketing memes are also becoming popular because it paves the way for businesses to be part of the Facebook meme phenomenon. It is also one way to promote their business, and to be visible every time!

A Dose of Romance and Comedy

Romantic comedy type of movies are generally plotted to make you feel good with the combination of the drama of romance made light by the addition of comedy.

This film is often brought about by the attraction between two people or more usually under some form of obstacle and along the path of how they can overcome those obstacles to show their love for one another. Either with happy endings or sad endings, sometimes, it is the bittersweet parts of the story that catch the hearts of many. Women as well as those sentimental types of people are usually the big fans of these types of movies.

A pinch of comedy and a dash of romance…

Comedy is a genre aimed to make people laugh. It keeps one’s mind off stressful situations and experiences with a good laugh. A usual comedy scene is those created by exaggerated takes on situations, using humorous language and interaction between characters.

Romance on the other hand is a genre that tackles the love and hate relationship between two or more individuals, detailing the happy, sad and bittersweet moments that they experience along the way.

When incorporating both comedy and romance, viewers expect to laugh and get touched with the lighthearted storyline. People tend to relate to how romance has sparked in between two strong emotions of love and humor.

Romantic comedy at a glance…

How does one identify romantic comedy movies from romance movies?

The borderline between romance and romantic comedy is often confused by many. The usual boy-meets-girl theme does not necessarily brand the movie as a romantic comedy; it may take some deeper look into how the relationship goes between the couple portrayed in the movie.

One thing to take note is if the romance scene is only used to spice things up in a movie and can be easily disregarded without disarming the plot of the movie. If this is so, then it is not a romantic comedy. In a romantic comedy, the romance displayed between the characters defines who they are and supports the main storyline.

Though it may no longer be important for some if the movie is a romantic comedy or a comedy with a small cut of romantic lines, what is important is the feeling that one experiences all throughout the movie. Romantic comedy leaves you with the feeling of falling for the love that has been exchanged and the light heartfelt joy of fighting of obstacles in a funny manner.

Simple and pure joy of Comedy

Even when someone is in a really bad mood, there is not a better sound out there than someone laughing, truly laughing and enjoying something that they have seen or heard. Comedy gets you laughing and when you laugh you are actually doing your body a service, because “laughter is the best medicine” is not a joke! Not only are you enjoying yourself at that moment many people beside you or your family members also feel good and relaxed. It sounds too good when you make comedy a regular part of your life, it’s really a kind of favor you do for your health. Many doctors provide prescription for going through comedy or laughter session, because it really can make that much of a difference for a lot of people.

How laughter and comedy are helpful for health?

One may very well be surprised and after he or she have this information he really want to make laughter an even bigger part of his life. When someone incorporates comedy and laughter into your life you are actually:

- Reducing stress and get rid of depression

- Blood pressure remain stable and feeling good mentally

- Allow smile on the family by elevating your mood

- Maintain metabolism and Improving brain functioning

- Boosting your immune system

- Laughter can protect your heart from many diseases

- Connecting yourself to others and establish your social life in appropriate way

- Improve your working stamina by offering you relaxing body and mind

When you laugh you really are “doing a body well” and as you can observe, laughter really is the best medicine! There is no reason to laugh when you hear or see something funny. Comedy is all around us and you can find it through the simplest of things, it doesn’t matter who you are or where from you are, if you want to make laughter a part of your life you certainly can. Sure, all we find different things funny, and now it is scientifically approved that laughter has so many health benefits. One should make comedy and laughter a regular part of your life. There is plenty of funny stuff on the internet, mobile clips, DVD and now some channels also telecast comedy shows on daily basis. So it is quite easy to switch on your TV and get relaxed by watching the funny shows.

Charlie: A Chap Who Made the World Laugh

Have you ever heard of a man so funny that he did not even needed to utter a single word but created a resounding laughter from the crowd? If you think about it, words may seem to be the quickest way to induce laughter; a person hears the joke, sends a message to his brain, finds it hilarious and break into laughter. How then would comedy in silent films overcome the challenge if no witty remarks or punch lines are even spoken? It is quite tricky how comedians make someone laugh; more so when all that they can do is express humor through actions. What’s amusing is their ability to invoke comedic timing at the perfect moment when everything seemed to be boring and uninteresting.

They say it is easier to make someone cry than make someone laugh. Well it’s true; most people immediately respond to negative things and it is harder to recognize the little things that actually make life more colourful. What’s fascinating is how this man made silent films more popular, and take note, comedy in silent films! Who else can he be? He is no other than Charlie Chaplain. With his versatility to take on a role, it’s not surprising how he was able to captivate the hearts of people who allowed themselves to let loose and let the magic of their sight make them chuckle. His highly descriptive facial expressions what made him distinctive. His films had been remarkable because it reflects liberal beliefs and ironically, with a deep touch of pathos. These mirrored the message that even if life in its true nature may be tragic, dark and full of struggles, laugher can always be a cure for these bitter truths.

Without laughter, life can be too difficult to bear, let alone a film without comedy. Charlie Chaplain is one unforgettable actor; an excellent comic who did not fail to leave a mark in his time and left behind memories that would make people tear up for laughing too much. What he left his people was a good influence in creating a positive perspective and recognition is what he deserves. Our outlook in life will be the leading source of our fate. It may always be tragic because of numerous trials, but it can always be a comedy because we choose to see the positive side of it. As they say, laughter is the best medicine; it is a powerful remedy for negative emotions and nothing works faster to uplift a gloomy heart, a dark mood and a stressed body back into balance than a good laugh.

The Top Facebook Memes of All Time

In this era of social media, Facebook has emerged as the leading social media site. With over 1 billion users to date, Facebook has managed to create a social community spanning the globe, enabling communication and sharing of information in just click of a button. One such concept that has been born due to this amazing capability to share information is the Facebook meme. Broadly defined as any idea or concept that can be passed from one person to another through Facebook, these memes are spreading like wildfire.

Facebook memes serve to inspire, to make audience’s laugh, and spread information with the use of photos, words, images, and even videos that are specifically created for this purpose. While some memes enjoy widespread popularity and can become viral overnight, some are also mediocre and forgettable enough that they quickly vanish into oblivion.

Of the tons of memes that have been created, liked, and shared, here are the most notable and unforgettable ones:

  1. The “25 things“ or “50 things” – who would forget these memes that went viral overnight because it was fun, interesting, and of course, it had the user’s personal participation? Everybody down to their grandmothers were filling in the “25 things“  meme that ranged from facts like most annoying thing you did, the last song you listened to, to what you think about your neighbor, and other fun stuff that can be thought of.
  2. Caption This – this type of meme achieved notorious popularity, and even talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show post this regularly on their Facebook page and have audiences participate in captioning the picture for the day. The photos range from hilarious wedding snapshots, family vacations, pets on the loose, and anything that sparks interested. Needless to say, these memes not only get a very positive response from their audiences, but it also rakes in thousands of likes and even shares.
  3. I like to do it on the ______ meme – ladies should remember this pretty well because this meme worked liked a chain mail with women all over the world receiving a mail that says you should post this statement on your status, without any prior explanation of what you’d like to do on the particular location you’ve indicated. For those who haven’t received this private mail, they were quite appalled at what they read, but for those who did, they totally knew what the meme was all about.

These are just some of the Facebook memes that made waves at the time they were shared on the social media site. It did become viral because of the fact that it was interesting and it asked for the audience’s participation too.

Learn to Develop your Sense of Humor

The flare for comedy is perhaps one of the greatest skills that a person can have. A sense of humor is something that comes handy in almost all situations, and although you may not be born with one, you can always learn how to develop that flare for comedy or sense of humor.

Here are some helpful tips that could pave the way for you to learn to develop your sense of humor:

  • Watch and learn to observe your surroundings – life provides so many opportunities for you to observe humorous situations and funny moments. The key is to watch and observe your surroundings so you will be privy to all these moments.
  • Soak up on humorous materials – movies, television, theatre, stand-up comedy acts, and even YouTube can provide you with life’s greatest humors and you should study these materials, especially if you don’t have that funny bone inside you yet. If you do have that funny bone already, it’s also wise to be able to learn what makes people laugh and what they find annoying.
  • Learn to socialize – one of the many ways that you can learn how to have a sense of humor is to learn how to socialize and be able to observe other people who also have a great sense of humor. Aside from this, you can also get some helpful pointers from them. Socializing also enables you to overcome your shyness and become more comfortable talking to other people.
  • Learn to relax and lighten up – sometimes having a great sense of humor can also be partially influenced by your attitude. Learn to relax and take life lightly. Sometimes, if you’re too serious about every situation in life, you’ll never be able to have that sense of humor.
  • Be prepared to practice your sense of humor – eventually, there will come a time that you have to practice your acquired sense of humor. Start with a gathering of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Make sure that you don’t take on a big crowd to avoid the jitters, but instead settle with a group of five to ten individuals.
  • Polish your newly acquired skill – practice makes perfect, and that’s also the case with your newly acquired sense of humor. You don’t have to be that guy who shows off every time there’s a gathering, but be sure to practice your skill if you feel it’s appropriate.

Facebook Meme Marketing: Is It Possible?

With the power of Facebook to influence its users going stronger and stronger in this social media era and the wide popularity of Facebook memes, Facebook meme marketing could just be a very distinct possibility.

What are Facebook memes? There are many definitions of these memes, but the most common description of it is that it is an idea, a style or concept that can be shared from one person to another. No matter the varied definition, though, one thing is proven: it is phenomenal.

To ordinary Facebook users, a meme can be a fun and innovative way to interact with other users, meet new friends, and spread the meme, but to thriving businesses, a meme can be more. It can become a part of their ongoing campaign to market their products and/or services. A meme is something that offers a more interesting medium of reaching out to their targeted audience, and one that can really boost their business’ visibility.

So, the question is: is Facebook meme marketing possible? To address this, here are some reasons why Facebook meme marketing can be possible:

  • It has the potential to go viral – because memes in nature are fun and unique, it has all the potential to go viral. Just imagine a meme you posted to promote your business in one way or another, who then profits from it? Your business will not only have an audience, but there’s a potential that this audience can actually turn to long-term clients.
  • Easy to understand and share – because Facebook memes are crafted in such a way that they appeal even to the young users of Facebook, its message is easily understood. Once the user understands the message behind your meme, that user will likely share your meme to his friends and other contacts. This process goes on until your meme becomes a Facebook sensation.
  • It is something familiar – if you’ve encountered memes in your Facebook news feed, you would easily relate to it because it is something that you are usually familiar with. You can even identify with some of the memes because you have experienced it yourself.

Facebook memes are more than just a way to express oneself because it can also be an important tool that you can use to promote your business. For one, it will keep you visible on Facebook, which can be a very helpful tactic to stay afloat of the competition.

If you feel that your business is struggling, why not give Facebook meme marketing a try, and it might just be the boost that will bring your business to a new level of popularity.

Place of comedy in our lives

It’s a widely known fact that the concept of comedy has been in existence since the beginning of time. Human society would not be able to function in their daily lives without the use of comedy. No matter what type of life you are living, you’ll find something to laugh at every day. And if you don’t have anything, it’s certainly easy to find. Just turn on the tv and look for your favorite 80’s sitcom rerun.

If you ever studied the Greek culture in school, you probably already know that they are credited for first performing comedy. That’s not to say they invented it, but they’re the first known people who acted it out on stage. Greeks and Romans alike defined comedy as a play with a happy ending. And it just progressed from there; we also know that Shakespeare was known for comedy bits in his plays, although the language is hard to understand these days. There’s even a term for that, known as a “Shakespearean” comedy, which Shakespeare also defined as anything with a happy ending.

The 1900s are when comedy really took off. Charlie Chaplin was known for producing short comedic silent films, and his name has been largely remembered for decades, even since his death in 1977. But what about the first comedic films ever made? Those were known as “Slapstick”, which is a general term for the type of humor associated with comedy back in the late 1800s. Slapstick was a light-hearted type of humor that usually involved people’s clumsy failures, car chases, and old-fashioned pranks. Mack Sennett was an American who was respectfully acknowledged as being “The Master of Slapstick Comedy”, after he founded the Keystone Company in 1912. This company mainly produced slapstick comedies and various comics. Mack recruited Charlie Chaplin to produce 35 short films for the Keystone Company in 1914. Some of Chaplin’s legendary films include “The Cure”, “The Pawnshop”, and “Easy Street”.

Comedy continued to grow and progress throughout the 20th century, until it found its way in what we now know as “comedy clubs”, which are the stages where most stand-up comedians first start out. Your favorite comedians probably got their start in a comedy club of some sort. There are three types of comedy clubs: the A rooms, which cater to celebrities and famous comedians, the C rooms, which are more local and cater to comedians who haven’t made names for themselves yet, and the B room, which is essentially the best of both worlds.